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Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Shav's expertise extends across a broad spectrum of orthopedic injuries, encompassing various traumatic conditions. He has worked in major trauma centres across the world including in Australasian, Uk and North America.

Within the scope of Shav's responsibilities at Werribee Mercy Hospital, he consistently offers orthopedic services on a rotational 'on-call' basis. This entails evaluating and treating a diverse range of traumatic cases that come through the emergency department. In addition to this, he dedicates a portion of his schedule to attending acute patients in his private clinic, where he also reserves time in his elective surgical list to address trauma-related cases. Shav specializes in performing surgical procedures for both upper and lower limb injuries caused by trauma.

  • Upper and Lower Limb surgery

  • Fracture fixation

  • Joint replacements for fracture

  • Hand injuries

  • Lacerations

  • Tendon ruptures

Shav Ark Orthopaedics
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