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What is Covered?

Consultation & Surgery Fees

Consultation Fees

  • Our fees are in line with the Australian Medical Association guidelines and industry standards. All consultation fees must be paid on the day of your appointment.


Surgical Fees

  • The cost of surgery can be a major concern for many people. We understand that, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your care.


  • Our surgical fees are in line with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) guidelines. The amount you will pay will depend on the type of surgery you are having and the complexity of the procedure. We will discuss this with you at your appointment, and we will provide you with an estimate of the cost. I am a known gap surgeon and have no gap for certain patient groups.


  • In addition to our surgical fees, you will also need to pay for the services of the anaesthetist and the surgical assistant. The anaesthetist will charge a "gap" payment, which is the difference between the Medicare rebate and their full fee. The surgical assistant's fees are usually covered by Medicare, but there may be a small out-of-pocket cost.


  • We understand that the cost of surgery can be a barrier for some people. If you are concerned about the cost, we encourage you to talk to us. We may be able to help you find ways to make your surgery more affordable.


  • For example, you may be able to get financial assistance from your health insurance company or from a government program. You may also be able to work out a payment plan with us.


  • We want to make sure that everyone has access to the care they need, regardless of their financial situation. We are committed to working with you to find a solution that works for you.


We look forward to working with you to make your surgery a success.

Consultation & Surgery Fees
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